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How long will it take?

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Surf Broadband Fiber Internet is available in various locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. For homes in areas we serve, we strive to bring fiber as quickly as possible, but depending on the location, permitting process and construction process it can take several months. Our goal is to provide you as much information possible about availability in each city we will offer services in.

Building the Surf Fiber network requires laying hundreds of miles of fiber in a new fiber-optic cable which can support any home or business with the fastest Internet. Currently, only a handful of homes in the country have the option for fiber-optic internet, but we are doing our part to change that and appreciate your interest. Signing up, or checking if your home can get service is easy, just go to iwantfiber.today. Each home we build pass will have the option to connect to the network. It’s extremely important for us to know if you are interested so we can accurately design and install enough access.

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